Using MarkupExtensions as ValueConverters (Part 1 - The Basics)

by OSgAgA 4. November 2012 19:53
Using value converters in XAML is a very powerful, but sometimes cumbersome feature. MarkupExtensions
can simplify the usage of converters significantly. There are a lot of posts about this topic allready
on the net, but none of them (at least none I know of) provides an approach as complete and flexible as
the one presented here.

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An introduction to Static Reflection

by OSgAgA 1. November 2012 16:18
One of the many annoyances in modern day development is that there are still some situations where you are forced by libraries to use "magic" strings. One example for that is the INotifyPropertyChanged interface. A typical implementation of the INotifyPropertyChanged Interface. Lets have a loo... [More]

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Unit Testing using Unity and the moq frameork

by OSgAgA 24. September 2011 21:45
I strongly believe that unit testing is one of the key technologies for creating reliable and robust applications. In this post I want to introduce you to two frameworks that can help you creating unit tests: Unity and moq. [More]

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GenericEnumConverter for WPF / Silverlight - Convert Enums to Bool or Visibility

by OSgAgA 22. March 2011 00:02
Now here is a problem i stumbled upon in at least three different projects in slightly different variations. So I tried to make a generic approach, which can be reused in the future. What is the problem, we are talking about? Well, lets say you have a property in your data context that is of type M... [More]

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Welcome to the Blog of OSgAgA

by OSgAgA 22. March 2011 00:01
Hello out there. This is my first blog ever, so don't expect to much ;-) Most of the posts will be about programming, espacially about C#, WPF and Silverlight, but there may be some other topics in the future. Have Fun. OSgAgA


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